Thursday, November 12 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
winterize your motorcycle
As the year winds down, for many bikers in the north the riding season will be nearing an end. For those die-hards, there’s lots of advice about how to ride in frigid temperatures — some of it a little scary.  For others, black ice, cold wind, and snow aren’t any fun. They winterize their motorcycle,
Thursday, October 08 2020 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
Whether owning a motorcycle has been a lifelong dream, or a desire recently born from long-term lockdowns, there’s a lot to think about. If you’ve never ridden before you can’t just show up at the dealer on a whim, sign the contract, and ride it home. So, in addition to exhilaration of researching and selecting
Thursday, August 27 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
Falling in love is never as simple as it sounds, and that goes as much for motorcycles as it does for any other great infatuation. After a few years, familiarity creeps in and you might find yourself with a wandering eye.  But do you really need that brand new, expensive, high-tech bike? We think not.
Thursday, July 23 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
“Your motorcycle comes with handlebars, exhaust pipes, and wheels already on it, why do you need to change them” asked no rider ever. The proper answer to that question is silence. Seriously. Anyone who asks you that won’t understand a single word you say to them. Riders upgrade so their motorcycle will look and ride
Monday, June 29 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
The UGH moment of buying a motorcycle is when you’re asked if you want to purchase additional coverage for your new ride. It’s a buzzkill that squelches the euphoric experience of being moments away from driving off the showroom floor. That said, it’s better to understand the types of additional coverage available — and especially
Thursday, May 21 2020 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
18 Tips To Get Your Bike Spring Ready No matter where you live or what your climate, 2019-2020 has been a long winter. Chances are when you hear the word open, you’re not thinking about the economy, you’re thinking about the road.  And not just the road, but your life there. All the places you


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