Monday, December 06 2021 / Published in Biker Life
By now, you’ve probably checked your family members and best friends off your holiday gift list, but what about your riding buddy? Every time you hit the road with them, you make new memories and share great experiences while riding across your city, state, or the country. There’s no better person (or people!) to treat
Tuesday, November 30 2021 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
For seasoned winter riders and newbies alike, making sure your bike is ready to handle winter weather is crucial. While winterizing to some people means preparing your motorcycle for storage, some practices are still recommended for riders who plan on riding throughout the winter months, too. Check out our top 10 tips on how to
Wednesday, October 13 2021 / Published in Biker Life
Man on a motorcycle parked on the side of the road
While there are merits to riding in every season, fall motorcycle rides are optimal in many ways, including slightly cooler temperatures and colorful fall foliage around every turn. For many riders, depending on where they’re based and their riding preferences, the month of October signifies the last hurrah on their bikes for the year. Take
Wednesday, September 08 2021 / Published in Motorcycle Protection, Motorcycle Repairs
Repair man fixes motorcycle for customer with extended service plan
Buying a bike is only the first step—and cost—when it comes to motorcycle ownership. Right off the bat, you’ll need to purchase safety gear (a helmet, boots, a jacket, gloves, and pants) and get your motorcycle license, including safety classes, if you don’t already have it. You’ll also have to figure in regular fill-ups at
Wednesday, August 11 2021 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
DESP-blog-What Does DESP Cover
If you’re considering an extended service plan, you’ve come to the right place. Discount ESP’s extended service coverage is more than a step above the rest—offering comprehensive coverage, flexible payment plans, one-on-one support, and more. With over $1 million in claims already paid for, we’re the best choice for your full coverage needs. Learn more
Monday, June 21 2021 / Published in Biker Life
2 Motorcycle riders
We’re positive there are days where you’d love to grab your bike and just hit the road alone. After a long day of work or on a sunny Saturday morning, a solo ride certainly holds appeal. It’s always better, however, to ride together with at least one other person—safer, smarter, and more responsible. Here’s why
Thursday, March 25 2021 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
spring road trips for bikers
This winter has been one most of us want to forget — with record-breaking low temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall across the continental United States. The country has been holding its breath with the promise of spring and warmer weather around the corner. In the spirit of the open road, here are a few unforgettable spring
Thursday, February 25 2021 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
extended service plans for motorcycles
Most people are familiar with extended service plans for automobiles, also known as extended warranties.1 Fewer realize that they are also available for motorcycles. However, as all vehicle technology becomes more sophisticated and the purchase price of motorcycles and cars increases, many people find themselves wanting more protection than a traditional warranty offers.  According to
Thursday, January 28 2021 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
winter motorcycle porn
Here we are in the dog days of winter, which the urban dictionary defines as “so cold out that you don’t mind holding a steaming bag of dog poo in your hand.”  And this winter has put a cramp in everyone’s style. Most places, it’s too cold to have a great ride. Pretty much no
Thursday, December 10 2020 / Published in Biker Life
motorcycle gifts for the holidays
The holidays are here. This blog is just in time for those of you who’ve been putting off shopping for your beloved motorcyclist. Don’t just hop on Amazon. Do NOT do that. Stop right now. We’ve got you covered. Whatever your budget, there’s something unique on this short and easy holiday gift list for your
Thursday, November 12 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
winterize your motorcycle
As the year winds down, for many bikers in the north the riding season will be nearing an end. For those die-hards, there’s lots of advice about how to ride in frigid temperatures — some of it a little scary.  For others, black ice, cold wind, and snow aren’t any fun. They winterize their motorcycle,
Thursday, October 08 2020 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
Whether owning a motorcycle has been a lifelong dream, or a desire recently born from long-term lockdowns, there’s a lot to think about. If you’ve never ridden before you can’t just show up at the dealer on a whim, sign the contract, and ride it home. So, in addition to exhilaration of researching and selecting
Friday, September 18 2020 / Published in Biker Life
You know autumn is near even before the leaves begin to turn, don’t you? Whether it’s the angle of the sun in the sky, zero humidity, or perfect sleeping temps; the most beautiful time of the year — and the best time to ride — is just around the corner.  If you haven’t already planned
Thursday, August 27 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
Falling in love is never as simple as it sounds, and that goes as much for motorcycles as it does for any other great infatuation. After a few years, familiarity creeps in and you might find yourself with a wandering eye.  But do you really need that brand new, expensive, high-tech bike? We think not.
Thursday, July 23 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
“Your motorcycle comes with handlebars, exhaust pipes, and wheels already on it, why do you need to change them” asked no rider ever. The proper answer to that question is silence. Seriously. Anyone who asks you that won’t understand a single word you say to them. Riders upgrade so their motorcycle will look and ride
Monday, June 29 2020 / Published in Motorcycle Protection
The UGH moment of buying a motorcycle is when you’re asked if you want to purchase additional coverage for your new ride. It’s a buzzkill that squelches the euphoric experience of being moments away from driving off the showroom floor. That said, it’s better to understand the types of additional coverage available — and especially
Thursday, May 21 2020 / Published in Biker Life, Motorcycle Protection
18 Tips To Get Your Bike Spring Ready No matter where you live or what your climate, 2019-2020 has been a long winter. Chances are when you hear the word open, you’re not thinking about the economy, you’re thinking about the road.  And not just the road, but your life there. All the places you


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