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Yes, we offer motorcycle coverage as far out as 20 model years. If you do not currently have coverage, we do require a 60-day plus 500-mile hold period for all claims. If your current coverage expires in less than 30 days, we require a 30-day plus 300-mile hold period for claims. If you have current coverage that is still active for 30 days or more, we require a 30-day plus 300-mile hold on tire and wheel claims. There is no holding period if you are currently covered by a plan you purchased from us previously. 

Buying your plan within the first 30 days of purchasing your new bike locks you into the best pricing with Discount ESP. If you are under factory warranty but outside of 30 days, it is wise to buy sooner rather than later. Not only do you lock in the best pricing possible, but many parts of our coverage become active after 30 days. Our Tire & Wheel Protection (optional), towing, rental, and lodging reimbursement are all things we offer that your factory warranty does not.

Yes, your standard ESP plan will still cover all normally covered failures if you have reasonable performance upgrades. These would include larger intake and high flow exhaust, cam upgrades, increased displacement kits, and moderate cylinder head modifications. Normally covered failures would still be covered if upgrades are performed by a qualified repair facility and the upgrades performed are not deemed responsible for the failure. Proof of proper tuning of any combination is also required.

Please note, with our standard ESP Plan, you will not have coverage on the aftermarket upgraded components themselves. Coverage will be only on the original equipment components unless those failures are due to the performance upgrades performed. If there are any signs of misuse, abuse, or rider error, there will be no coverage of failures. We also will not cover any failures of vehicles equipped with turbochargers, superchargers, or nitrous oxide.

Through our partner Autella, we are now able to offer Performance Plus ESP to cover most popular aftermarket performance upgrades as well. Ask one of our Coverage Specialists for more details.

Yes, your plan will still cover all normally covered failures if you have an aftermarket tuner, so long as the tuner has been installed, calibrated, or preferably dyno-tuned, by a qualified installation and tuning facility. With our standard ESP plan, the only failures not covered would be any failure of the aftermarket tuner itself, or failures deemed caused by the aftermarket tuner or failure of the tuner.

With our Performance Plus ESP, we will cover most common aftermarket tuning devices in conjunction with the majority of the popular aftermarket powertrain upgrades available today.

No. We have our own third-party-administrated extended service plan that offers the same coverage for a fraction of the price of your Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Indian, or other extended warranty. We are personally involved in every contract and claim to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Nearly any mechanical and electrical component/part that isn't covered under your Factory Warranty is covered under a Discount ESP plan. Our contract is what is considered an “exclusionary contract." This means if a part is not listed under the items that are not covered, it's covered.

The majority of our exceptions are cosmetic issues, wear items or routine maintenance. These items are limited to antenna masts, mirrors, final drive chain or belt, rear-drive sprocket, clutch discs, audio speakers and wiring, frame (unless integrated oil/fuel tank), glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, battery, fuses, fusible links, mufflers or baffles, belts, rubber hoses, lines and clamps, body parts, windshield or mounts, brake pads, spark plugs, spark plug wires, exhaust system, tires, wheels, or spokes (unless covered under optional tire and wheel package), filters or filter housings, trim, upholstery, or paint. We also do not cover failures caused by rust or corrosion, physical damage, or neglect.

​Our extended service plans cover the same parts and labor as most manufacturer-endorsed service plans, and then some. We also do not deny coverage of your power train simply because of a tuner, intake, exhaust, or cams. The claims process is very easy and can be completed by you or the service facility. Once authorization is obtained and the repairs are performed, the bill is paid over the phone with a credit card.

​In the event of a claim, the process is very easy.

  • Return your motorcycle to any authorized dealer or state-licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada during normal service department hours.

  • Provide the repair facility with a copy of your contract or membership card.

  • The service department manager must obtain your authorization to inspect and/or tear down your motorcycle to determine the cause of the failure and cost of the repair.

  • You or the Repair Facility must call the Administrator at 1-800-527-3426 (If you purchased your contract before July 17, 2019.) If you purchased your contract after July 17, 2019, the call 844-778-9175, to verify coverage and obtain a Claim Authorization Number for claims.

The service center is paid over the phone with a credit card. If this is not possible, you can obtain authorization, pay the repair bill, and be reimbursed for a covered repair directly via a check.

​​Yes, we can enroll your eligible motorcycle no matter where you purchased the bike or currently live. Enrollment is completed 100% electronically through the website. You add the desired applicable term to the cart and check out. The credit card payment is processed, and you will be directed to the electronic contracts for e-signatures. Once you submit, the copies will be sent to underwriting for approval. Within five days, your final copies will be returned via e-mail, and your hard copies will be mailed via USPS.

We offer coverage as far out as 20 model years, up to 50,000 miles or 12 model years, and up to 75,000 miles for most major manufacturers. We do not currently offer coverage for “home-built” motorcycles, trike conversions, or sidecar equipped models. Other things such as frame modifications, turbo or superchargers may restrict coverage for your motorcycle. 

This contract assists with any future breakdowns and isn't designed to recondition current mechanical issues. If there are known or unknown repairs needed, they need to be corrected outside the scope of this contract.

This Extended Service Contract supplements the factory warranty and coverage continues until the contract’s expiration date. The purchased term (3 – 7 years) is effective from the day the factory warranty begins. If you are purchasing coverage for a motorcycle no longer covered by the factory warranty or extended service plan, there is a 60 day plus 500 mile hold before your contract becomes active.

Example 1: Customer purchases the 5-Years Extended Service Contract on the day they purchase their brand-new motorcycle. The factory warranty begins and runs for 24-months. The Extended Service Contract is effective the same day and runs for 5 Years or 60 months; essentially extending coverage and benefits for 36 additional months beyond the factory warranty (5 years).​

Example 2: Customer purchases the 4-Year Extended Service Contract, 30-days prior to the factory warranty expiring on their motorcycle. The Extended Service Contract’s effective date is from the factory warranty’s effective date through 4 years; extending coverage 2 years after the factory warranty expires. Remember the 4-year new contract is less expensive than the 2-year used contract.

Example 3: Customer’s current Extended Service Plan is expiring on their motorcycle in 30-days. They purchases the 2-Year Extended Service Contract. The effective date of the extended service contract is the day following the current plan’s expiration. The new contract will expire in 24 months (2 years) from that date. 

Example 4: Customer has no current warranty or extended service plan in place. The new contact will take effect 60 days and 500 miles after the purchase date of the new plan.

Yes! Any remaining coverage on the Extended Service Contract and Tire & Wheel Contract can be transferred during a private party sale. This can help increase the value of your bike. The Contracts can also be canceled for a refund in the event of a loss, trade-in, or customer request.

When you bring your bike in for service or repairs, you will show your membership card to the service writer. This will notify them of your coverage. From there the Service Department will be able to begin the claims process if needed. Please make sure authorization is received from the administrator prior to teardown or repair.

Tire & Wheel Protection is an optional add-on to your extended service plan or a stand-alone contract. This means you can buy it separately from your ESP, and the effective/expiration dates are separate. Enrollment is also completed electronically through the website.

​No. Unless you are a resident of Wisconsin, sales tax is not collected. Shipping is free!

The deductible is $50 for any covered repair. Repairs can be performed at any Dealership in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. The deductible is also only $50 if repairs are performed at your desired State Licensed Repair Facility.

Please do! The best way to get your questions answered is by calling us at 844-778-9175 or via e-mail: sales@discountesp.com

Yes, your deductible will be either $50 or $100 depending on the option you chose at the time of purchase. Repairs can be performed at any Dealership in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.


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