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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get coverage if I do not have Warranty or ESP Coverage at this time?

Yes, please contact us regarding this.  We will require contract to be a minimum of 2 years, paid in full.  If payments are needed, then the contract will be activated and started after the 3rd payment is completed.

Do I still have coverage if I have aftermarket performance upgrades?

Yes, your plan will still cover all normally covered failures if you have reasonable performance upgrades. These would include larger intake and high flow exhaust, cam upgrades, increased displacement kits, and moderate cylinder head modifications. Normally covered failures would still be covered if upgrades are performed by a qualified repair facility and the upgrades performed are not deemed responsible for the failure. Proof of proper tuning of any combination is also required. You will not have coverage on the upgraded components themselves, coverage will be only on the original equipment components, unless those failures are due to the performance upgrades performed. Of course, if there are any signs of mis-use, abuse, or rider error, there will be no coverage of failures. We also will not cover any failures of vehicles equipped with turbo chargers, super chargers, or nitrous oxide.

Do I still have coverage if my bike has an aftermarket tuner?

Yes, your plan will still cover all normally covered failures if you have an aftermarket tuner, so long as the tuner has been installed, calibrated, or preferably dyno tuned, by a qualified installation and tuning facility. The only failures not covered would be any failure of the aftermarket tuner itself, or failures deemed caused by the aftermarket tuner or failure of the tuner.

Is this your Motorcycle's Official Extended Service Plan?

No. We have our own third party administrated Extended Service Plan, which offers the same coverage for a fraction of the price of your Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Indian, or other Extended Service Plan. Plus, we are personally involved in every contract and claim to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Why don’t you sell the CNA administered plan anymore?

​Harley-Davidson no longer allows dealers to sell the CNA administered plan online or outside of a dealership. This mandate turned out to be good news. The plans we offer now provides great protection for riders. The coverage is for all parts covered under the factory warranty, the same $50 deductible, and repairs can be done at ANY Harley-Davidson Dealership or State Licensed Repair Shop. There is also Tire & Wheel Coverage, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Rental Reimbursement and Travel Lodging Reimbursement included.

What is covered on the Extended Service Contract?

​All components / parts covered under your Factory Warranty are covered under this Extended Service Contract. The plan was built around coverage instead of exclusions. Remember the deductible is $50 for any covered repair. Repairs can be performed at any Dealership in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. The deductible is also only $50 if repairs are performed at your desired State Licensed Repair Facility.

How does this plan compare against Harley-Davidson’s administered plan?

​This Extended Service Contract covers all the components and parts as your Manufacturer's Warranty. Plus, the deductible is always $50. Your deductible from your Dealers Extended Service Plan may very if you take it to another Dealership or a Licensed Mechanic shop.   It doesn’t matter where you get your repairs, if it is a State Licensed Repair Shop, the deductible is $50! The claims process is very easy and can be completed by You or the Service Writer. Once authorization is obtained and the repairs are performed, the bill is paid over the phone with a credit card. This streamlined process will get you back on the road faster!

How are claims made?

​In the event of a claim, the process is very easy.

  • Return your motorcycle to any authorized dealer or state licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada during normal service department hours.

  • Provide the repair facility with a copy of your contract or membership card.

  • The service manager must obtain your authorization to inspect and/or tear down your motorcycle to determine the cause of the failure and cost of the repair.

  • You or the Repair Facility must call the Administrator at 1-800-527-3426 to verify coverage and obtain a Claim Authorization Number for claims.

The service center is paid over the phone with a credit card. If this is not possible, you can obtain authorization, pay the repair bill, and be reimbursed for a covered repair directly via a check.

Can I buy the plan from you even though I live elsewhere? (California, Florida, Texas, etc)

​Yes, we can enroll your eligible motorcycle no matter where you purchased the bike or currently live. Enrollment is 100% completed electronically through this website. You add the desired applicable term to the cart and checkout. The credit card payment is processed and you will be directed to the electronic contracts for e-signatures. Once you submit, the copies will be sent to underwriting for approval. Within 5-Days your final copies will be returned via e-mail and hard copies will be mailed via USPS.

Is my motorcycle eligible?

Your motorcycle must be covered under the Manufacturer's Factory Warranty or Current Extended Service Plan. If you are unsure on your motorcycle’s factory's warranty dates, e-mail your VIN to: for verification.

If your motorcycle is outside of the factory warranty coverage, please e-mail for options.  We may have options for you.

This contract assists with any future breakdowns and isn't designed to recondition current mechanical issues. If there are known or unknown repairs needed, they need to be corrected outside the scope of this contract. 

When does the extended coverage start?

This Extended Service Contract supplements the factory warranty and coverage continues until the contract’s expiration date. The purchased term (3 – 7 years) is effective from the day the factory warranty begins. If you are purchasing coverage for a motorcycle no longer covered by the factory warranty, the effective date of this extended service contract is the day after your current contract expires.

Example 1: Customer purchases the 5-Years Extended Service Contract on the day he purchases his brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The factory warranty begins and runs for 24-months. The Extended Service Contract is effective the same day and runs for 5 Years or 60 months; essentially extending coverage and benefits for 36 additional months (5 years).

Example 2: Customer purchases the 4-Years Extended Service Contract, 30-days prior to the factory warranty expiring on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Extended Service Contract’s effective date is from the factory warranty’s effective date through 4 years; extending coverage 2 years after the factory warranty expires. Remember the 4-year new contract is less expensive than the 2-year used contract.


Example 3: Customer’s current Extended Service Plan is expiring on his 2015 Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 30-days. He purchases the 2-Years Extended Service Contract. The effective date of the extended service contract is the day following the current plan’s expiration. The new contract will expire in 24 months (2 years) from that date.

Can the contract be transferred if I sell prior to expiration?

Yes! Any remaining coverage on the Extended Service Contract and Tire & Wheel Contract can be transferred during a private party sale. This can help increase the value of your bike. The Contracts can also be canceled for a refund in the event of a loss, trade-in or customer request.

Will my local dealer know that I purchased the Extended Service Contract?

When you bring your bike in for service or repairs, you will show your membership card to the service writer. This will notify them of your coverage. From there the Service Department will be able to begin the claims process if needed. Ensure authorization is received from the administrator prior to teardown or repair.

How do I purchase the tire & wheel coverage?

The tire and wheel coverage is an optional add-on the Extended Service Contract or a stand-alone contract. Meaning you can buy it separate from the Extended Service Contract and the effective/expiration dates are separate. Enrollment is also completed electronically through the website.

Are there any additional fees or taxes?

​No. Unless you are a resident of Wisconsin, sales tax is not collected. Shipping is free!

What is the deductible for claims?

​There is a low deductible of $50 on the Extended Service Contract. This is the same for repairs completed at any Harley-Davidson Dealership as well as any Independent Repair Facility.

What if I don’t have access to a scanner or fax machine?

​Enrollment is completed electronically and won’t require fax or a scanner. Once you add the desired Extended Service Contract and Tire & Wheel Contract to the cart, you will be directed to pay with a credit card. After your completed payment, you will be directed to the E-Contract, which will collect all the required information and signatures. Once the e-contract is submitted, we will review for eligibility and return the final contracts within 48 hours via e-mail. These are your copies and the Welcome Packet will be mailed USPS Priority.

Do I have to complete every field on the E-Contract?

After you complete the payment for the desired Extended Service Contract and Tire & Wheel Contract you will be directed to the E-Contract. You will be required to enter your information and details on the bike. (Name, Address, VIN, Current Mileage, etc.). You will also be asked to select the term again. Make sure you select the same term as purchased to prevent a delay in the approval process.Once you e-sign, a copy is automatically sent for approval. You will receive a verification e-mail, which requires your confirmation.

I have a question which is not described here, can I contact you with more questions?

Please do! The best way to get your questions answered is via e-mail:

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