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Claims Process

Claims:   800-527-3426

Road Side Assistance:   800-270-8447

  1. Bring your Harley to any Authorized Dealership or State Licenced Repair Facility.

  2. Show your contract or ID Card to the Service Writer.

  3. The Repair Facility or You must call the Administrator at 1-800-527-3426 to obtain a Claim Authorization Number.

  4. The Service Writer will  request authorization PRIOR to completing repairs.


If a Mechanical Breakdown occurs when the Administrator's office is closed, you may follow the claims procedures without prior authorization. However, You or the Repair Facility MUST call the Administrator during the next business day. Failure to call in and report the claim on the next business day may result in non-payment. 

Transfer Contract

The remaining term of your contract may be transferred during a private party sale within 30 days of the change of ownership. To ensure prompt transfer of coverage, please request the Transfer Request Form.










Cancel Contract

Extended Service Plan maybe cancelled within 30 days of the purchase date and you have not incurred a claim, a 100% refund of the contract price will be made. After 30 days or if you have incurred a claim, a pro-rata refund of the unused time will be made. The pro-rata refund will be calculated by multiplying the contract price by the percentage of the unused time compared to the total time of the contract period, less $50. The cancellation is processed by the selling dealer.

Renew Contract

Your motorcycle's Extended Service Plan contract may be renewed, as long as the bike is 12 years old or less. Renewal must be completed PRIOR to the current plan's expiration date. If there is a GAP in coverage, you are no longer eligible. 


To renew your contract, please e-mail us directly for specific options.

Kathy Arquette • Service Contract Specialist

Tel: 844-778-9175

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Sales & Enrollment


Claims:   800-527-3426

Road Side Assistance:   800-270-8447

How to Enroll

  1. Navigate to desired contract page:
    Extended Service Contracts
    Tire & Wheel Contracts

  2. Add desired Term & Options to cart

  3. Complete payment and E-Contract

Contracts will be reviewed and
bound within five (5) business days