Extended Service Contract

This Extended Service Contract provides coverage for virtually every mechanical, electrical and electronic component of your motorcycle. As long as your bike is currently covered under the factory warranty or current extended service plan,

coverage can be purchased. Tire and Wheel Coverage is also available for a complete piece of mind.

        Nationwide Coverage

Any authorized dealership or state licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada can perform covered repairs through this Extended Service Contract Program.

        No Mileage Limitation

​Your motorcycle was meant to be ridden, and we encourage you to do just that. With this Extended Service Contract, there is no mileage limitation.

        Low Deductible

You will face low out-of-pocket expenses on covered repairs. The $50 deductible applies to both new and used motorcycles. This includes repairs performed at your dealership or State Licensed Repair Facilities.

        Towing Assistance

If towing becomes necessary due to a breakdown of a covered component, actual towing costs (not payable by insurance) will be covered up to $100 per occurrence.

        Comprehensive Coverage​

This Extended Service Contract is a comprehensive plan that covers all major components, parts and electrical/computer systems along with all seals, gaskets and shocks on your motorcycle. Coverage makes any necessary mechanical repairs covered by the original Manufacturer's Warranty, except for the items listed as not covered.


This Extended Service Contract is transferable one time during the life of the plan to the next owner, increasing your motorcycle's resale value.


The contract can also be canceled for a refund in the event of an accident or sale.

How to Purchase an Extended Service Contract

  1. Navigate to the correct term category. (Step 1)

  2. Add desired term and options to cart; complete payment. (Step 2)

  3. After payment, complete the E-Contract. (Step 3)

  4. Email Odometer Photo to: sales@discountesp.com (Step 4)

  5. Enrollment Contracts will be reviewed for eligibility within 5 days. (Step 5)

  6. Approved Contracts will be bound and the Copies emailed. (Step 6)

  7. The Welcome packets will be mailed within 30 days via USPS for your records.


Contact Info

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Claims:   800-527-3426

Road Side Assistance:   800-270-8447

How to Enroll

  1. Navigate to desired contract page:
    Extended Service Contracts
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  2. Add desired Term & Options to cart

  3. Complete payment and E-Contract

Contracts will be reviewed and
bound within five (5) business days