How to Purchase an Extended Service Contract

  1. Navigate to the correct term category. (Step 1)

  2. Add desired term and options to cart; complete credit card payment (Visa or MC). (Step 2)

  3. After payment, complete the E-Contract. (Step 3)

  4. Email Odometer Photo to: (Step 4)

  5. Enrollment Contracts will be reviewed for eligibility within 5 days. (Step 5)

  6. Approved Contracts will be bound and the copies returned. (Step 5)

  7. The Welcome packets will be mailed within 30 days via USPS for your records.


Contact Info

Sales & Enrollment

John Mesich • Service Contract Specialist

Tel: 1-844-778-9175

Kathy Arquette • Service Contract Specialist

Tel: 1-844-778-9175


Claims:   800-527-3426

Road Side Assistance:   800-270-8447

How to Enroll

  1. Navigate to desired contract page:
    Extended Service Contracts
    Tire & Wheel Contracts

  2. Add desired Term & Options to cart

  3. Complete payment and E-Contract

Contracts will be reviewed and
bound within five (5) business days